Our Staff

Lisa Boswell

Patient Care Coordinator 

I grew up in Southern California and enjoy all the variety and the opportunities to try new things. I’m an active person. That’s why I like working at Empower Physical Therapy. We get to help other people return to the activities they love. Customer service was the focus of my prior employers. At Empower Physical Therapy our patients are the priority. We believe you are a person first, and a patient second. That’s why we ask you about your goals with physical therapy. Your medical diagnosis isn’t unique, but you are. We want to know how it affects you so we can help you succeed.

Practice gratitude  Learn and experience new things.  Respect others and yourself. 

“Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don’t have.” Anthony Bourdain

As a Patient Care Coordinator, I coordinate patient care with staff needs. I check in patients, and handle insurance payments. I answer calls and bring new patients onboard. This includes setting up their charts, securing insurance approval, and obtaining necessary documents. I schedule patient appointments-ensuring the therapist’s plan of care requirements are met. I follow up with new patients to answer any questions, and remind new patients of their first appointment. I make calls to patients that are on medical leaves, and notify their therapists of the patient’s status. I pass patient messages to the therapists so they can respond to patient queries.

The staff at Empower Physical Therapy work hard to help patients achieve their physical therapy goals. It would be great if all health insurance plans provided affordable coverage for physical therapy so people can reach their health goals.

At Empower Physical Therapy we get to help people reach their goals. It’s a great feeling when a patient completes their plan of care and graduates from physical therapy.

What is Lisa Watching, Reading or Listening to?

  • Stranger Than Fiction (Movie)
  • Green Book (Movie)
  • 42: The Jackie Robinson Story (Movie)

When i’m not at work I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Enjoying life, traveling, and being in nature.