Don’t take our word for it, see what our patients have to say about us:

  • “The staff here is amazing! I was in a car accident and have been having low back, neck, and shoulder pain. Ever since starting my treatment here I have been feeling better than ever. I am now able to go back to my normal powerlifting/Olympic weightlifting routine. It’s all thanks to how caring and attentive the staff is.
    I had gone to a different PT prior and wasn’t satisfied with the treatment so I switched to Empower PT and couldn’t be happier!”

    - Dan, early 20s, Chino Hills, CA

  • “I’m 65 years young and can say this after EMPOWER has taken specialized care on a torn knee, Planters Fasciitis and sciatica from my bottom to my toes. Surgery was recommended but I wanted to try physical therapy 1st. These people are not your run of the mill therapists. They are personalized, caring, really listens to you. They will not let you go until they have solved the root of the pain. I no longer complain of pain everyday. I look forward to the next day and feel I have my life back. Keep up the awesome caring service…”

    - Terry, mid 60s, Chino Hills, CA

  • We met Carlo Sayo after months of trying to figure out the cause of my son’s debilitating leg pain. Carlo assessed my son’s condition and developed an exercise regimen that was literally life altering. After only a couple of weeks of therapy, my son was able to sleep through the night without waking up in pain. After only 6 weeks of therapy, he was walking up and down stairs pain free. Something I’ll never forget about Carlo was that, even after seeing 3 different doctors and specialists, he was the first one to actually manipulate and touch the muscles around my son’s knees and pinpoint where his strain was taking place. He was thorough, motivating and encouraging without being pushy or demanding. Perfect qualities for a physical therapist.

    - Priscilla G., Mother of Andrew (age 11), Rancho Cucamonga

  • I never expected having to learn to walk again at the age of 44 and yet that’s exactly what I had to do two years ago when I tore my left ACL. However, one great thing that came of it was that I was placed under Carlo Sayo’s care and the process, though not always easy, made me stronger. His patience, professionalism and expertise as a physical therapist are the things I needed to get me back on track. He developed a care plan for me to follow at home that helped my recovery go quickly and not too overwhelming. I can’t thank Carlo enough for helping me walk again and it is with great confidence that I recommend his PT services to my friends and family.

    - Always Grateful, Rosa G., Rancho Cucamonga

  • My experience with Carlo has been better than anything I could have imagined. I went to him unable to walk without a cane and in pain that wouldn’t allow me to sit or walk or sleep for more than a couple hours. Now, with his expertise, his gentle and supportive encouragement through the hard work of physical therapy, I’ve been able to walk, move, sleep and play again. Carlo has given me back my life and I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend Carlo to anyone. In my book he’s the only physical therapist I ever want to see.

    - Michele M.

  • I’ve been very happy with the service and attention received by Dr. Carlo and Staff (Allison). I would definitely recommend you to others.

    - Maria G., Pomona, CA

  • I’m very happy and feel good after my P.T. for one month. The pain that I felt suffered was totally removed. Very grateful to Dr. Sayo and company. Thank you so much.

    - Luisita V., Ontario, CA

  • Dr. Sayo, I really appreciate everything you did for me. There was a big improvement and everything perfect. You did a nice job. Thank you so much.

    - Nora E., Chino, CA

  • Thank you Dr. Sayo and staff for the excellent service. We truly appreciate the time that you take with us: teaching us about our daughter’s injury; and how to strengthen her body in order to get back on the field and play the game she loves!! You’re an excellent resource for these athletes!!

    - Michelle M., Riverside, CA

  • Great place with a knowledgeable and friendly staff, if you want to receive great service and quality physical therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation check this place out. Carlo and staff are awesome!

    - Rowel A., Upland, CA

  • I sprained my ankle over 6 years ago snowboarding and the ankle was never the same. Some morning it would hurt and sometimes it hurt to walk down the stairs putting pressure on that ankle. Over those 6 years I have continually been working out and I thought that I was doing things properly to get my ankle back, but once Dr. Sayo looked at it, he knew immediately that my foot movement was completely wrong. He gave a few good tips which I put into practice at the gym and now my ankle never ever gives me anymore pain. It is finally fixed! On my latest checkup visit, he gave me more advice on how to increase the motion even further. His new office is spectacular and I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with fixing their body in motion.

    - Ken M., Chino, CA

  • I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and I was a student of Dr. Carlo Sayo. He has a tremendous knowledge base and has furthered his education beyond his Doctorate becoming an Orthopedic Specialist. He taught me how to become more efficient and improve my manual skills while caring for our patients. I would highly recommend a visit to Empower PT and Wellness if you are looking to spend extended quality one on one time with your Doctor of Physical Therapy in a cutting edge modernized clinical setting. Thank you Dr. Sayo!!

    - Nick P., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • I am a physical therapist and I have had the opportunity to work with Carlo over the years. He is a great clinician and would highly recommend Empower PT and wellness!

    - Kelly N., Upland, CA

  • Dr. Sayo did a thorough assessment and gave a detailed action plan which helped me with the recovery process. I highly recommend this place, especially for athletes.

    - Ravi T., Corona, CA

  • I had such a great experience at empower! I originally went in to see Carlo for an assessment on my ankle which had been giving me trouble since I broke it about a year ago. I told him I like to rock climb and my ankle pain was preventing me from advancing into more difficult routes. Carlo listens to my concerns and evaluated my current issues with great professionalism and care. He explained every step he was doing and what he was finding.

    In the end he ended up breaking up a lot of scar tissue that had formed on the tendons at my ankle and I immediately felt and could see a difference! I saw a calf muscle activated that had not seen in action since before my injury!! After that he continued the appointment by teaching me stretches and movement to bring my strength back to normthe quickest way possible! It’s been 5 weeks and I’m already able to confidently climb routes that were beyond my range of motion prior to seeing Carlo!

    You would think this is the end, but as we are finishing up Carlo sees me stretching and wincing in a little pain. He asks me what wrong and then goes to the added lengevaluating my back as shoulders which had been bothering me a little over the last week! He ended up realizing that I have been working out with a rotated rib and because it waof line I was compressing some nerves near my shoulder blades!

    I’ve been back twice more since my first visit to treat my shoulder and rib. I’m seeing a lot of improvement already with the help and guidance of Carlo. I will continue tCarlo and look forward to my next session!!!
    I will definitely recommend him to everyone who might need him!

    - Atish V., Northridge, CA

  • Empower is professional and has all the needs of a gym, in addition to therapeutic equipment. Carlo spent time assessing my run on a treadmill two different times before my race. He looked not only at the site of the injury but also for any underlying causes as well. He taped and stretched me before my race and I had no foot pain during my sprint triathlon. My goal was to run the whole 5k (which I’ve never done in my life) and I accomplished my goal and made it under my goal time as well! Check out the awesome tape job too!

    I would definitely go back to Empower PT again. They even have an OT too, who can work with children!

    - Michelle C., Upland, CA

  • Such an AMAZING experience. Empower PT & Wellness was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. I came in for a movement assessment and what I received was above and beyond what I expected.

    From the moment I stepped into the clinic, I knew I was in for a great experience. The staff was absolutely friendly and professional. The clinic itself is very clean and new, with a modern aesthetic and top of the line equipment. Signing in and getting started was thankfully a painless endeavor; as the front office staff took my information and I was seen in a short amount of time.

    As for the treatment and session itself? AWESOME. I sit at my desk for 8 – 9 hours a day, then sit in traffic for another 2 hours. My back, neck, and shoulders are a wreck, and when I do try to exercise or play; I end up hurting myself! I’ve recently started doing CrossFit, and as beneficial as it’s been – the new regiment has introduced a whole new slew of muscle soreness and aches. Dr. Sayo addressed my problems in a very concise and professional manner. It was a very comprehensive assessment: after hearing my issues, he pointed out why I hurt in those areas, relieved me of those pains, what to do to alleviate the pain, and HOW to avoid the pain for returning. We went through some specific movements, and Dr. Sayo pointed out how to improve my form, strengthening myself during the process. We ended the session with ice and light therapy to ease and sooth my muscles and aches. Dr. Sayo was very good at explaining what it was he was doing and why.

    From beginning to end; it was a great experience. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough.

    - Luis S., Chatsworth, CA

  • Came in for a movement assessment since I sometimes get shoulder pain when exercising. I got into lifting at the gym this past year and I wanted to make sure my movements are correct so I don’t injure myself in the future.

    When you think Physical Therapy you think broken bones, rehab, etc., but I was recommended to come here even for my slight shoulder and back pain and I’m glad I did!

    Dr. Sayo was super nice and professional! He is really knowledgeable, has years of experience, and sincerely cares about your health. He went over my problem areas with me and I mentioned some spots that I felt were slightly tense but probably normal. He worked on the problem areas and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt right after. I really didn’t expect such a drastic improvement! Even the areas that weren’t very tense to begin with felt so much better. I guess even slight tension in your body isn’t normal to have.

    He then went over movements and stretches with me using weights so I could apply the correct technique when lifting at the gym. He taught me stretches that had me feeling muscles in places I didn’t even know existed before, haha!

    We ended the session with Light Therapy on my shoulder and back which somehow magically took out all the tension and pain! Who knew Light Therapy worked so well! Didn’t hurt at all either. He noticed bruises on my legs and applied Light Therapy to that as well so it will heal a lot faster, which is great since shorts can be worn year round in California and who wants bruised up legs? Apparently the Light Therapy increases mitochondrial activity to your cells which increases ATP production. All of this reduces inflammation and scar tissue, and accelerates the healing process, and it actually works!

    ATMOSPHERE (5 stars)
    The practice is new and looks amazing!! Everything inside is brand new as well. Very clean. 3 private exam rooms and a large padded area with equipment. The waiting room has really comfortable chairs too!

    The practice is located in a medical building which has its own parking lot so it was easy parking. Just take the elevator to the second floor.

    SERVICE (5 stars)
    I was a bit nervous since it was my first time seeing a physical therapist and I wasn’t sure what to expect but everyone was so nice here! They always made sure I was comfortable.

    I’d definitely recommend coming here for physical therapy or even if you want to learn how to stretch and exercise the correct way to prevent injuries and get the most out of what you’re doing (like me). Plus they offer Light Therapy here which not very many practices offer. Definitely a plus to have newer technology helping you heal!

    - Latisha P., Los Angeles, CA

  • Carlo and his staff are very kind and knowledgeable in their line of work. I had issues relating to knee tracking from a motorcycle-related accident and Carlo showed me to have imbalances in my running. He taught me multiple ways to strengthen each leg individually while also customizing the sessions towards my specific personal needs (Google Goruck). Fast forward two months or so and my knee hasn’t complained since I ran into this guy… I managed to complete a 12-hour (weighted 40lb) endurance event. I had problems with the knee (i.e. pain from excessive workouts, running, sitting down) before I met Carlo, but now it’s all gone. I highly recommend you pay EPTW a visit. These guys know what they’re doing…

    - Rene Y., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • Dr. Carlo Sayo at Empower Physical Therapy has a great facility and treatment was exceptional. I was being seen for upper back and neck pain. His assessment was very thorough and he was able to pin point my pain. After my treatment, I had significantly less pain and more movement in my neck right away. The facilities are very clean and equipment is state of the art to assist in my recovery. Thank you Carlo and Lisa for all of your help!

    - Ashlee M., Upland, CA

  • I’ve been practicing BJJ (Brazillian Jiu Jitsu) at my local gym, and every week I’ve encountered a new injury. It’s those types of nagging injuries that are small, but as you get older, much harder to take care of quickly. I’ve tried Icing the soreness, stretching the muscles, but age/physical limitations can take it’s toll. So instead of just saying Quit to BJJ, I’ve decided to seek help, so I was referred by a good friend to try this place out.

    The Pros :
    Dr. Carlo Sayo knows what he’s doing.. and he has a direct and honest answer to my pains. I don’t want to just heal and feel better, but also it’s great when the person treating you can teach you on how to prevent these types of situation again in a particular movement, or just how to manage the pain until the next treatment.

    Facility is brand new. Has a bunch of equipment you would expect from a top rate Physical Therapy center. I was able to be treated with some new stuff that I’ve never seen before, but it worked, and that’s all that mattered.

    Very easy to locate. When you’re sore and tired, the last thing you’d want to do is to carefully open the door and slide out in pain. The parking lot is right up front, easy to find access, and near a nice shopping center.

    The Cons :
    Wish I could come to get treatment every week because I expect some sort of BJJ injury, but as suggested by Dr. Sayo, there’s times to seek assistance, and other times it’s okay to just let your body heal. When he said that, I knew this place wasn’t just gouging me for money, but instead cared about my well-being.

    - Cho C., La Mirada, CA

  • Carlo and his staff are very kind and knowledgeable in their line of work. I had issues relating to knee tracking from a motorcycle-related accident and Carlo showed me to have imbalances in my running. Fast forward two months or so and my knee hasn’t complained since. Also, I managed to complete a 12-hour (weighted 40lb) endurance event. Again, no problems with the knee then before I met Carlo. Highly recommend you pay EPTW a visit. These guys know what they’re doing…

    - NERDRelay

  • These guys are amazing! Very passionate, professional and knowledgeable, Carlo, Lisa and their team are really dedicated and are delivering days in and out. Carlo fixed my back when i was crying in pain.

    They have been professional, thorough, and FAST. I am grateful for the return of mobility thanks to Carlo and their team

    Lack of motivation to go the PT? It will probably not happen with these guys. They are good, genuine and fun.

    - Aaron H., Brea, CA

  • Tired of going to those PT clinics that rush you through and make you feel like just a number? Where you see the therapist for five minutes before they push you off to someone else that finishes your treatment? Try Empower PT, where you’ll get personalized and attentive treatment from caring and highly trained therapists. I have worked side by side with Carlo, as a therapist, and I can attest to his skill, he will have you feeling better in no time. They have a modern clinic with top notch equipment, and they will take their time with you. Next time you need physical or occupational therapy, call Carlo and Lisa at Empower PT!!

    - Jessica G., Fullerton, CA

  • I decided to seek treatment with Empower Physical Therapy and Wellness for my neck and back pain that I’ve had for the past couple of years. Dr. Sayo was very thorough with his assessment during my first visit and discussed a treatment plan that will help with my pain. I’ve definitely seen progress after a few weeks and I always make sure to do the exercises that he gave me. Thanks Dr. Sayo!

    - Allison E., Diamond Bar, CA

  • Had lower back problems for years and thanks to Empower, I now know how to get better. My back problems have been so bad that I would get spasms and literally would not be able to get off the floor after collapsing.
    Dr. Sayo has worked with me to find the source of the problem. Now I have a focus and know exactly how to prevent more injuries!
    Thank you guys!

    - Lita T., Corona, CA

  • New technology and equipment! No more shoulder pain 🙂 Dr. Carlo Sayo is very kind, professional, and highly experienced to help with any physical therapy, pain, aches, or just improving how you use your muscles! I highly recommend this practice!

    - Latisha P., Burbank, CA

  • Dr Sayo really helped me with my back and ankle issues I’m still going to him to help with my muscle imbalances that I developed from my back problems! In a few weeks I’m already seeing progress and Dr Sayo is super encouraging and motivational. He’s also great at explaining everything he’s doing and why he’s doing it!

    - Atish V., Northridge, CA

  • Dr. Sayo really knows what he is doing and takes a concern with his patient to get to the root of the problem that you have.

    - Jeremy B., West Covina, CA

  • Came in to see Carlo for elbow pain I was having (I primarily have a desk job). I was given a thorough assessment, personal care and he was able to target what was wrong and provided a solution (exorcises/stretches) that could rid the pain. Staff is great and I’m looking forward to my next session.

    - Melissa H., Brea, CA

  • I’ve had shoulder problems for 20 years and had given up on ever finding a solution. Dr. Sayo assessed the problem quickly and professionally, and showed me how to modify my current exercise regimen to help. His explanations were clear and simple, and made sense, and not only did he demonstrate the exercises but he followed up with an email version so I could do them correctly at home.

    The staff is friendly, the facility is clean and everyone was very professional. I highly recommend Empower.

    - Jason Z., Chino, CA

  • I was in a car crash in 2014, another driver blew through a red light texting while driving, t-boned and totaled my car. I had 5 broken ribs, a collapsed lung filled with blood, concussion, cranial hematoma. I was taken to the hospital and stayed there until I was able to walk on my own again.

    After the accident I had a lot of trouble with constant tingling in my upper spine, shoulder, and neck – like you’d feel when your foot goes to sleep. Also I had persistent, nagging headaches, and insomnia. I saw my regular physician and a neurologist in the year that followed and although they could prescribe meds for the pain, they couldn’t solve my problems. Finally, one of the doctor’s sent me to Dr. Carlo Sayo.

    I had an open mind toward physical therapy at the time and yet, found it difficult to believe it could alleviate my symptoms significantly, much less resolve my crash-related injuries and issues. Imagine my amazement when I discovered they could do just that!

    In going to Dr. Sayo, I found him to be thoroughly knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. He explained how the injuries sustained were responsible for the symptoms I was experiencing, described the approach to treating them he wanted to use, and outlined exercises he wanted me to do at home. Going forward with the therapy, it didn’t hurt like I expected it might (colleagues and friends who’ve had physical therapy elsewhere have described very painful ordeals with other therapists, so I had a little apprehension before I went).

    By the second visit I was experiencing noticeable improvement in range of motion, and a decrease in my headaches both in frequency and severity. By the third visit the tingling had been reduced by 80%, and by the fourth visit, it was gone, my headaches had abated, and I was able to sleep through the night peacefully, again. It’s difficult to articulate just how grateful I was, and I am, for such healing. I didn’t think I would ever be the same again.

    I have since referred an elderly friend to Dr. Sayo, who was herself involved in a very traumatic car accident. She tried physical therapy elsewhere but was being subjected to a lot of pain in the process. She was reluctant at first, but I convinced her to give Dr. Sayo a chance and so far, she tells me she’s getting excellent results, too – I’m hoping she’ll follow up my review with her own.

    In conclusion, it is with great confidence I highly recommend Dr. Sayo and Empower Wellness for physical therapy. I am certain you will find you’re treated with great empathy and care, and be very pleased with the professional program he has and the results you get. I’m very, very thankful I met him when I did, and can’t imagine where my health might be right now, without him.

    Thank you, Dr. Sayo!!

    - S.P., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  • I have been to many physical therapy/rehab facilities through the years for various sports injuries that keep lingering. Empower Physical Therapy and Wellness is by far the best one I have been to and don’t plan on going anywhere else. I was referred to them by previous patients who have been raving about this facility, so I decided to give them a shot. And this clinic definitely exceeded expectations! The sleek, modern look of the lobby is welcoming and the receptionist is exceptionally cordial. The gym/equipment is top of the line, well kept, and clean. The head Physical Therapist, Carlo is a caring professional and a master at his craft. He was very thorough with his care, and gave precise instructions on how I can minimize my pain so I can continue to do my daily and recreational activities. Overall, I give Empower Physical Therapy and Wellness 5-STARS for aesthetics and service. I highly recommend this place!

    - Jason V., Chino Hills, CA