First Visit

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Here is What To Expect On Your First Visit

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring your proof of ID (driver’s license), insurance card (if applicable), any information the doctor may have given you that pertains to your injury or problem. This can be a referral, MRI or x-ray reports, post operative reports, or any other special instructions given to you regarding your injury.

Should I arrive early to fill out paperwork?

Yes, about 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork… If you would like to download and fill out the forms ahead of time, click here. Please fill in the blanks on your computer or by hand, print, and bring them with you on your first visit. If you choose to fill out the paperwork before coming in, then you don’t need to come that early… arriving a few minutes before your appointment will be just fine.

What should I wear?

That depends on what is being treated. Typically loose fitting clothing that will allow for you to modestly reveal the area of pain is the best. If we are treating a knee or thigh area, loose fitting shorts are very helpful. You can also bring them with you and change in our private treatment room. If it’s a shoulder area that we are treating a tank top or loose t-shirt is also helpful. Again, if you have anything specific to ask, don’t hesitate to call (909) 757-5143.

Does it matter what shoes I wear?

Typically shoes that are comfortable for you to walk in and do some light exercise in is best. Also shoes that are easy to remove if you are being treated for your foot or ankle. Of course, you are always able to bring running shoes or athletic shoes with you to change into if you think you may need them

How long will my appointment take?

Your first appointment, called an Initial Evaluation, will usually take over an hour and up to an hour and a half depending on what is going on with your individual case and if you have the paperwork filled out. In the Initial Evaluation the Doctor of Physical Therapy will talk to you one-on-one, determine what outcomes you would like to achieve and determine the best treatment plan to achieve your individual goals. We believe in giving you as much clarity in the very beginning to lay out a very clear plan for you to achieve the outcomes you want and deserve! This is why every patient will go through the Empower System. For more information on how to go From Pain to Empowerment (the 5 Phases of Complete Recovery) click here.

Will I get treatment the first day?

Yes! After determining the “root cause” of your problem we immediately start treatment. It starts with educating you on what is the real cause of your issue (knowledge is power!). Treatment can also include direct care to relieve pain as well as educating you on what you need to do to get started the right way to full recovery. We provide you with education on your condition, what treatments will be done at the clinic and what things you need to do at home (exercises, stretches, using different tools, etc.). The bottom line: you will feel better just after your first visit!

How often will I need to return for treatment?

That depends…

Ask yourself: “what outcomes do I want to achieve?”

We specialize in helping people get out of pain so that they can confidently get back to their active happy lifestyle.

Someone who wants pain relief will most likely need less treatments. However, most of our motivated patients want to get to their full potential! And they are happy to have us help and guide them through their complete journey through recovery and health.

We don’t have a “crystal ball” but having helped thousands of people throughout the years, we know being consistent with treatment will give you the most predictable results.

All that being said, know that we are here for you. We are with you every step of the way and will help you anyway we can. Keeping you informed and comfortable is of the utmost importance. From knowing how we can help you specifically and knowing all the right information (including cost) we believe in earning your trust and respect. Don’t hesitate to call, we would love to answer any questions you may have.


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