Our Staff

My personal core values include honesty, being ethical, showing empathy/sympathy, being understanding, and being compassionate. I feel all of which allow you to see other’s perspectives, reduce biases, reduce judgment, and get a better insight to problems we are unaware of and potentially help to solve said problems.

I treat and assess patients’ ailments based on DPT diagnosis’ and collaborate with DPTs in helping patients recover from said ailments. I mainly specialize in orthopedic injuries overall.

I enjoy treating various conditions, and enjoy them more when I find techniques that benefit every patient. I enjoy treating knee, shoulder, back, neck injuries mainly.

I have worked in physical therapy on and off for 14 years. I have worked at various clinics, and with various therapists in various positions. I have honestly seen a thing or two, and I can say Empower PT has the absolute right philosophy. Patients get 30 minutes to 1 hour of 1 on 1 time with their therapists, individualized care/exercise prescription, and everyone truly cares about everyone. My personal favorite Empower core value is (with a little extra) “person first, patient second, number never”.

What is Anthony Watching, Reading or Listening to?

  • Anything Marvel/DC animated (Movies/TV Shows)
  • The Ringer (Movie)
  • Mylo and Otis (Movie)
  • Brooklyn 99 (TV Show)
  • Friends (TV Show)

When I am not working I enjoy being with my son, my wife, and my cats. I enjoy playing with my son, going on mini vacations with my family, and taking care of my 5 cats. I also enjoy simple things like watching shows or movies with family.

Patient Testimonials

I was in lot of pain due to arthritis in my hip and knee, but working with Jeremy Chen, Anthony and Rebecca, helped me not only sleep thru the night, but has kept me pain free, but I am continuing with all the exercises, which have been instrumental in keeping me pain free, after the therapy sessions are over. Thank you everyone at Empower Therapy – NH K.

I was very satisfied with the care and treatment I received at Empower. My doctors were Justin and Anthony. They both were very attentive to my needs and adjusted my therapy plan as I progressed. All the assistants were very attentive to follow the plan, showing me and supervising that I was doing the exercises correctly. Kudos also to the office personnel that always try to adjust the appointments based on my needs. I went from limping badly because of my knees to walking with absolutely no problem and even playing Pickleball. All the goals we set at the beginning were met during my treatment. I strongly recommend this facility. Great and staff. – Mig V.

I’ve just completed physical therapy on my right elbow and shoulder at Empower Physical Therapy and Wellness. I cannot say enough about the positivity of my experience. Anthony, Dr. Jeremy, and Dr. Justin individually and collectively provided me with ways to improve my elbow and shoulder function. Jayleen and Rebecca supported the doctors by running me through the exercises correctly. Staff is encouraging and knowledgeable, and the environment is fun and positive. Highly recommend! – Diane M.