Our Staff

Dr. Justin Carrido, DPT

Clinical Director, Aide Supervisor, and Physical Therapist

I grew up in Northern California, specifically Sacramento. I moved down to Southern California in 2013 and I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton. After my Bachelor’s Degree, I continued my education and earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Azusa Pacific University. I had the unique opportunity in having three clinical rotations where I worked in pediatrics, underserved communities, and with athletes. Although I specialize in orthopedics / sports injuries, I have the passion to work with the pediatric population as well!

My main core value is my faith. It has taught me that in every room I enter and every person I encounter, I must bring humility, empathy, and compassion.

As a physical therapist, I make a conscious effort to come to work with great energy and positivity. It’s a great feeling to see enthusiasm and compassion spread to my coworkers and my patients! I will always advocate for my patient’s health while making exercise accessible and uncomplicated. I particularly enjoy sharing tools related to mindfulness and reflection to help my patients be more in control of their lives. Those who wanting to return to your respective sport (yoga, gymnastics, weight-lifting, running, basketball, hiking, dance, rock climbing, etc.), I will be invested in your goals and help you achieve them!

In addition to orthopedic and sports-rehab care, I believe I have a lot to offer patients with neurological conditions such as post-stroke, Parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, and traumatic brain injury. This also extends to those who are experiencing dizziness, fatigue, post-motor vehicle accident, post-fall (or want to prevent falls), and much more – please reach out!

Physical therapy is an excellent medium to help people. I believe I have a strong set of skills and tools that I want to share with my patients to help them feel better about themselves. In particular, I really enjoy guiding my patients through their customized therapeutic exercise programs. This tends to create a nice team-based approach to the rehab experience, which is a great feeling! I strongly encourage my patients to share their goals and motivations with me. I take great care to listen earnestly and work hard to help you reach your milestones.

What is Dr. Justin Watching, Reading or Listening to?

  • On Purpose by Jay Shetty (podcast)
  • “Book of Joy” by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu (Book)
  • How I Met Your Mother (TV Show)   

Outside of work, I am pursuing a few passions, including yoga, video games, and basketball. I tend to think a lot, so getting invested in these activities helps me be more present and relaxed. I really love playing video games, listening to music, watching basketball, cooking, going on walks, and meditating. My ideal day would consist of alternating between exercising, playing basketball, meditating, listening to music, and playing video games for the entire day until I sleep!

Patient Testimonials

In this pass i have come across Empower through yelp, reviews was amazing. But it was out network, so i had to look for a different facility. Currently, i had postpartum issues developing neuropathy that won’t go away. I requested Physical therapy from my PcP, Empowered was referred, although still out of network, I felt it was necessary for me to just pay the extra amount of $$$ to get the treatment i needed. I meet with Dr. Justin and he definitely help me find answers that my other doctors couldn’t help me with. The neuropathy has improved with stretches and it has only been 2 visits. I’m hoping when I finish with my treatment, I will finally feel like my normal self again. I highly recommend Empower, staff are friendly and helpful. Facility is clean. As for Dr. Justin, he is great, has good bedside manners, listens to his patients, and most importantly knowledgeable. – Mae Jane N.

I went to Empower after a very serious car accident, hoping to be able to get back to some of the things I enjoyed. I suffered a shattered knee cap, broken/sprained ankles, and a fracture to my neck. The entire stuff at Empower was welcoming, warm, and helpful. Dr. Justin understood my desire to return to yoga, mountain biking, zumba, and hiking. During the months of my recovery Empower helped me get back to the things I enjoy. I will be forever grateful – Becky E.

I have nothing but gratitude for the amazing treatment sessions my 11 yr old pitcher received from Dr Justin!! Dr Justin was amazing with my son. Dr Justin took time to get to know my son and his personality. His explanations of what his exercises were and how they help, along with explaining my son’s diagnosis in a way he was able to understand it, were vital to his success. The front desk staff and the entire staff at Empower were always friendly and accommodating. We recommend Dr Justin to any youth athlete, adult athlete or anyone with physical therapy needs. – Araceli A.