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Integrity, respect, humility, and responsibility

“Life is a journey, not a destination”

Some of the things I do for the company as an aide, I give all the physical therapists a line of trust so that their patients can get some amount of care as if they were doing one-on-one therapy with each patient.

Something that patients have to deal with that I want to fix is that some of our patients may not fully trust the recovery plan we individually prescribed to them. They might not see results instantly, but I wish that they put their complete trust in me and everybody on the team so that they can get to what they were doing before or achieve new goals.

The conditions I enjoy treating the most are knee injuries because I am once in the patient’s perspective, where I love seeing the overall improvement the patient may have progressed over time. Another reason I enjoy treating knee injuries is that seeing a patient coming in that needs assistance with their daily life, to seeing them doing very technical movements is very rewarding and along with seeing them achieve goals that they couldn’t have done before.

    What is Josh Watching, Reading, or Listening to?

    Spiderman: No Way Home (movie)

    Avengers: End Game (movie)

    Captain America: Winter Soldier (movie)

    Some things I like to do when not working are hiking, photography, traveling, or any spontaneous adventure with friends. Specifically, I love photography, such as landscapes, since I find a sense of calmness for me. When it comes to hiking, I am always down to do any hike, whether super easy or very hard. The most challenging hike I have done is hiking on the top of Half Dome in Yosemite.