Our Staff

1. Be still 2. Be a listener 3. Be a learner 4. Be a work in progress

“Perfect Love casts out fear”

I am a physical therapist assistant and I treat manually and through exercise, people who come to Empower with injuries disrupting their lifestyle and independence.

For every person I see, I want to encourage a positive attitude toward health and self, direct them physically and mentally toward healing, and create an environment where they’re safe to explore and overcome obstacles in reaching their physical goals.

I enjoy treating diagnoses related to the foot, and the shoulder and also treating neurological disorders.

Something I enjoy about working here is the family atmosphere of the staff and the population we serve

What is Michelle Watching, Reading, or Listening to?

  • Newsies (movie)
  • How We Love (book)
  • Friends (TV show)
  • Parks & Rec (TV show)

I enjoy spending time with my daughter and family. I never saw myself as a mom growing up, but I have been given this new title of mom and I am loving it! Apart from the endless sleep deprivation, every smile and new discovery of herself and the world around her amazes me and tugs at my heartstrings.