Baseball Injury Prevention in Chino Hills


Helping baseball players recover from injury, confidently get back to playing, and prevent injury.

Baseball Players

  • Are you worried about getting injured?
  • Frustrated you’re not getting over an injury?
  • Is an injury slowing you down?
  • Are you sidelined for the season because of an injury?

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I was used to being in pain, so I just figured, you know, there was really nothing I could do. But I had a recommendation from a friend that you were wonderful.
    I was happy that you taught me what I needed to do”
  • Resting has not helped
  • Not sure what to do for your injury
  • You’ve tried things on your own but it hasn’t worked
  • Coaches and trainers advice isn’t helping

Are you worried about injuries like:

  • Rotator Cuff Strains/Tears
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit (G.I.R.D.)
  • Elbow Strains
  • Neck Strains
  • Or Lower body Injuries (Knee Pain, Ankle Strains)
  • Josh’s testimonial:

    “My time at Empower Physical Therapy was truly a blessing. I came into Empower with a serious knee injury. I was fairly impressed with how much attention to detail all the physical therapists are in the recovery process. Every time I came in, it was always a one on one experience working in different areas to improve and ultimately get stronger. After I finally got cleared from the Empower team, this is the most mentally confident I’ve ever felt from a serious injury. I would highly recommend Empower Physical Therapy if you are recovering from any injury”

    -Josh C., High School Baseball Player

    Parent testimonial:

    Grateful for the team at Empower. They have tons of experience and patience. We love their holistic approach. Rico had a hip injury that was potentially career-ending. With Empower’s expertise, Rico made a full recovery in less time than expected. The treatments and exercises he learned at Empower have kept him injury free thru the last 3 years of college ball. 

    Thank you, Dr. Sayo and team.” 

    Rick B., Parent of High School Baseball Player, Chino Hills, CA 

    Special Message for Parents of Baseball Players in Chino Hills

    If you’re a parent of a baseball player who wants to make sure their child DOES NOT GET HURT playing the game he loves. The safety, health and happiness of our children are our top priority. If you’re here, chances are you are looking for the best care for your child.

    To help your athlete we wanted to give them something simple and effective to help them avoid injuries. We put together 3 exercises they should be doing to help reduce their chances of injuries. These exercises are simple, effective and need no equipment.

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    Kangna G

    “Dr. Carlo and Empower Physical Therapy is the best. They are all so friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable. I’ve been suffering from back pain for over 10 years and had 2 back surgeries in between that time. I have been to a few physical therapists and no one has come close to what Dr. Carlo and his team offers. After my second back surgery 2 years ago I came to Empower with fear. Fear that I can no longer do the activities I use to do with my 3 young kids and that I had to accept that back pain will be with me the rest of my life. However Dr. Carlo has build my strength, my confidence and gave me enough skills to overcome all that. I have never felt stronger, felt this long term pain relief in my back in so long and the best part is I am living my best life with my kids. I now no longer need pain medication because all I need to do is go see Dr. Carlo. I’m currently on a maintenance program and highly recommend it, it is truly the best preventative measure I can do for back. Go see Dr. Carlo and his team, you won’t be disappointed. They have become part of my family over the years.”

    Pat L.

    “What can I say about Dr. Carlo?!!! He is truly amazing at what he does! I was experiencing lower back pain, more of a dull constant achy feeling for more than 18 months. Finally decided to seek physical therapy for my issue. Through my initial consultation with Dr. Carlo and talking about some of my previous injuries and observed biomechanics, he was able to determine the root cause of my low back pain and within TWO visits, my pain is 80% GONE!!! I can’t begin to describe the enormous sense of relief and joy I feel now, being able to get back to “normal” activities without that constant nagging ache!

    Thank you Dr. Carlo! I’m eager to continue my treatment for my low back pain and wouldn’t hesitate to seek him for his wisdom and knowledge to getting me back to feeling normal!!!”