5 tips on How to be Safe Outdoors When It Rains!

5 tips on How to be Safe Outdoors When It Rains!

January 15, 2019

It’s been a wet rainy season so far and it can be dangerous out there, especially when you have poor balance.

I have 5 tips to help with your balance this rainy season.

  1. Be Alert: Being alert is one of the surest ways to reduce injuries caused by slips. This includes being aware of your environment, personal safety, and the safety of others.
  2. Wear Rubber Sole Shoes: Wear shoes that will allow for better traction and prevent a fall.  Shoes that have worn, smooth soles should not be worn. Avoid high heals during inclement weather.
  3. Step over or around puddles: Avoid stepping in what appear to be small puddles or wet patches in parking lots. These sometimes conceal a larger pothole or crack which can cause a fall.
  4. Use Hand Rails: Always use the handrail when going up or down stairs. Even if you feel you don’t need it, a tumble down the stairs usually results in serious injury, and anyone can miss a step.
  5. Careful of sharp turns: Be extra vigilant when entering and exiting buildings and places that have dim lights. This is where people wipe their feet and shake off their umbrellas. It is where very slick conditions are most likely to exist.  Often there will be rubber mats at entryways, but be cautious for rubber mats not laying flat upon the floor. These are trip hazards.

Take caution during these rainy times and enjoy your winter!

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