Is My Pillow Causing My Neck Pain?

Is My Pillow Causing My Neck Pain?

February 21, 2022

3 Simple Ways to Find Out!

By Leading Physical Therapist, Dr. Carlo Sayo, DPT, OCS

Neck pain (and headaches) are one of the most common reasons people can not get a good night’s sleep. When people start to lose sleep because of neck pain and soreness, people will start to seek help. Most people “deal with” and tolerate some stiffness and tightness during the day. BUT, when we start to lose sleep, feel tired and run down the next day…that’s when people decide “Enough is enough!”

One of the most common questions we get from people bothered by neck pain is…


Is it my PILLOW?”

Although there can be many things that are causing neck pain, the pillow you’re using can be a part of the problem . How can we know if the pillow is causing the issue? Here are some ways to find out:


Is your head straight?

When you lay on your pillow, try to see if your head is straight. If you’re a side sleeper your head should be in good alignment. If your pillow isn’t allowing you to do that, it might be a problem.


Roll it up.

As a follow up to our first point, you can try rolling up part of your pillow to support your neck and keep your neck straight. If you find out that this helps with your neck pain, it might be a sign that it’s time for a new pillow.


How old is your pillow?

If you have a good quality pillow, most pillows will last for about 8 years. In addition to that, check your pillow. Does it have stains? Tears? Holes? If you said yes to any of these questions it might be time to shop for a new pillow.

These things should help you figure out if your pillow is a problem. If you’re looking for a great pillow that provides great support and is customized for your needs, check out Pillowise.

Pillowise is Empower Physical Therapist #1 recommended pillow!

understand that neck soreness, stiffness and pain in the morning might also be due to so many things. Things not related to your pillow or mattress.

Interested in knowing what those things are?

Check out top reasons here

Having a good night’s sleep is vital. Without it, you simply cannot function. Don’t forget that you spend one third of your life sleeping!

Isn’t that worth taking care of?

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