What Not To Wear To The Christmas Party And Why It Causes Back Pain

What Not To Wear To The Christmas Party And Why It Causes Back Pain

December 7, 2016

Ok, I know we’re still early in the holiday season, but most people have their Christmas party (or parties!), scheduled already.

And if you, or anyone you know, are anything like my wife, the Christmas party outfit will be planned already… or at least ready to be purchased.

Anyway, last year one of my patients came to see me with low-back pain after her work’s Christmas party.

Claire is a regular patient at Empower Physical Therapy and Wellness (here in Chino Hills, CA), and as a school teacher she’s on her feet for most of the day, and because of this, she usually wears flat shoes to remain comfortable.

But what happened to Claire was, she decided to treat herself to a new pair of heels especially for the party, and even though a pair of stilettos can add the finishing touch to an outfit, they can also cause terrible back pain (and that awful aching feet feeling).

Of course at the time you might not think of this, but the day after Claire woke up in pain (and no, not from a hangover). The pain in Claire’s back was so bad, that her husband even had to help lift her out of bed, and help her put her shoes on.

Even worse, Claire struggled with an aching back all week, that even driving became difficult.

Here’s why – wearing high heels increases the pressure through your back by about 25 times, they can alter the way you walk, and can even lead to bad posture – causing you back pain.

Although it’s tempting to slip on a pair of heels, if you choose a soft cushioned pair of shoes instead, your lower back will experience 25 times less pressure and force placed upon it.

And with all of that dancing that happens at Christmas parties, do you really want to put that much strain on your lower-back each time you place your foot on the ground?

So this year why not trade your heels for a pair of well-fitted, cushioned flats. Heels may look good – but is lower-back pain really that fashionable?

If you’re suffering with back pain, or would like to know our top tips on how to avoid it… here’s a free special report with 5 quick easy ways to live with less back pain.

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